Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (NSICU)

Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (NSICU)

The NSICU is designed to provide round-the-clock care for critically ill patients affected by brain or spine injury. Close monitoring by highly trained staff and specialized equipment gives your loved one the best chance of recovery. The amount of time a patient stays in the NSICU varies according to his or her medical condition. Patients recovering from a scheduled surgery who experience few complications may spend only a couple of days in the NSICU. Patients who have suffered a trauma, have complications, or are in poor health may spend several weeks in the NSICU.

Level of Care

The NSICU is designed to deliver hourly reports for neurological patients.  These patients are critically ill or are recovering from neurosurgery or trauma. Patients who are cared for on this unit are monitored by highly-trained nurses, a skilled staff and specialized equipment. The amount of time patients stay in the NSICU changes based on condition.

The Family’s Role

The family is asked to select one person to talk to the medical team. This person should write down all questions and take notes on the answers to relay to other family and friends. When the patient’s condition is stable, one family member is able to stay in a patient’s room overnight. When visiting a loved one in the NSICU, please use the phone in the main hallway to gain access to the unit.

Visiting hours in the NSICU are restricted. Too much stimulation can agitate the patient and raise his or her blood pressure. You can most effectively convey your concern by sitting quietly and holding your loved one’s hand. Be aware that the patient, though silent, may hear anything you say. Never speak as if the patient were not there.

We will ask the family to select a spokesperson to communicate with the medical team. That person should write down all family members’ questions and take notes so that answers can be distributed to interested family and friends. This allows the staff more time to care for your loved one.

We encourage families to take advantage of CarePages, a free, private Web page that will help you keep in touch with family and friends. CarePages will help you control the flow of information, update everyone without repeated phone calls, and receive support from family and friends.

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